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Informatics bridges the gap between clinical care and IT

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There is often a gap between technology and the clinical users of the technology. The technology teams may not understand the best ways to configure the technology to anticipate end user needs. Clinical and operational end users may not understand the best ways to use the technology or that there may even be a technology solution at all. Informatics bridges that gap.

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It Should be Simple

Often, a request is generated, and the thought is that it should be simple. But most of the time, even simple things are not as simple as one might think. For example, when clinical operations wants to know information surrounding patients with a certain diagnosis, they may not realize that a single diagnosis to them is actually dozens, hundreds or even thousands of diagnosis codes within an EMR and that set of codes may differ depending on the ultimate 

Informatics can help interpret such requests and make the simple things simple.

Not Just the Data

There is often a presumption that having data is enough to gain the insights to achieve the difficult operational goals with which our health systems struggle. Data is not enough. You must have the discipline to curate and purify the raw data into something meaningful for the end consumers. If data is the new oil, one must refine the oil and turn it into gasoline to make you operational engine run properly.


Informatics can help bridge that gap.

Transformation is in Front of Us

Our journey to transform healthcare is like summiting a mountain range. The journey is filled with enormous challenges and ravines. Informatics can help cross those ravines to reach the  ultimate goal of solving the issues that ail our healthcare system.


If one considers the problems we have in healthcare, the issues uniformly come down to transparency. Transparency sounds easy but it most often comes down to fundamental, grinding work that is often impeded by gaps in knowledge and understanding. These gaps often occur because clinical operations and their technology partners may speak the same language but they don't truly understand each other. 

Bridging this gap is what informatics does.

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