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Maximizing Your Epic Investment

The Potential

If you believe an EMR should be able to do something, it is highly likely that Epic can fill this need. 

Hidden Opportunities

Often operational stakeholders don't understand Epic's full capabilities. We excel at uncovering these opportunities.

Hidden Pitfalls

Often even seemingly simple requests require complex background configuration. Our knowledge as both healthcare providers and Epic experts allow us to make the complex simple.

Looking Forward

We can help you plan for you Epic future. We have insight into Epic's future plans and have even participated in development projects.

Epic in Action

Maximizing Order Sets

Order sets in clinical practice are most often digital versions of their paper based past. However, this approach limits their potential. The content can be dynamic, changing with differing clinical and operational conditions.

Additionally, the digital structure of this content facilitates substantial modularity. This modularity makes the content easier to manage by an order of magnitude. This efficiency facilitates rapid distribution of new content.

The end result can be a powerful, very nimble mechanism to deliver operational and quality outcomes. 

Documentation and Information Delivery

If you ask a typical front-line clinician what is their biggest EMR pain point, they will most commonly complain about information: both documentation and retrieval of the vast quantities of information that affect a patients' care. Fortunately, Epic has a whole host of tools that can help. If you have the expertise to leverage the right tools, configured the right way, you can positively transform clinicians' workflows.

Decision Support

Commonly, operational leaders equate "clinical decision support" with interruptive alerts. What many requesters may not know is that such alerting accounts for only a fraction of the decision support tools that can be delivered to achieve organizational needs. Additionally, these other non-interruptive tools are typically far more effective and elegant than traditional alerting mechanisms. To leverage these tools, not only do you need to know they exist, but they frequently require an nuanced understanding of not only the technology but also the clinical workflows.

Analytics Strategy

In the not so recent past, most Epic organizations relied on outside vendors to do the bulk of their analytic work. This is no longer the necessarily the case. The business intelligence tools available within Epic are now quite substantial and can replace most of the work that many organizations relied on 3rd party vendors to do.

Beyond the administrative efficiency of an "Epic first" approach, as with so many Epic tools, the true value is that of integration with the larger enterprise record. For instance, population health insights generated by Epic's Slicer Dicer tool can transition directly into an operational tool that will allow a clinical team to directly act on those insights with communications and orders.

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